The group started in 1363 with the aim of achieving the best technologies in the world by obtaining the necessary permissions from the authorities concerned.
The technical components are designed and produced as follows with the achievement of dynamic resonance and resonance and outstanding patent technology
Launching innovative products and basic knowledge.

Specialized Operations Training & Specialized Training Maintenance 2


Radiocommunication (terrestrial)

Production and sale of all kinds of handheld and fixed car, fixed central, telecommunication towers, power supply and ...


Telecommunications (Marine and Fishing)

The production and sale of various navigation assistance systems including wireless, radar, depth finder, fish finder and fish stock collectors


Mining and geological section
Production and sale of all types of radar detectors. Mining, Detection, Land Detection (GPR)



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Head office in Tehran:
Shahid Sattari Highway - Western Prophet - No. 144 - Unit 5
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44045046 from 9-17 pm Ms. Rahimi

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